Vital statistics
Species Whale
Series The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
Voiced by Roz Ryan

Bubbie is a large female blue whale who lives in Stormalong Harbor. She raised Flapjack as her own and acts as an over-protective mother to him, she usually attempts to keep him away from the dangers outside of Stormalong but does so with little success. Her mouth is also used as a home for our heroes, though various other parts of her are too.


She is very sassy and can be extremely over-protective when it involves Flapjack's safety. She lets Flapjack live in her mouth along with Captain K'nuckles. She dislikes Captain K'nuckles' influence on Flapjack as it usually leads to trouble and all she really wants is for Flapjack to be the sweet little angel she knows him to be. Regardless of K'nuckle's abrasive attitude toward her and Flapjack, she cares about him like family. One episode she even said she was proud of K'nuckles for trying to lose weight, but all K'nuckles said was, "Just hold my feet." (He had been trying to do sit-ups at the time). At times she may feel lonely due to Flapjack's and K'nuckles' adventures, so she goes into Stormalong to try and peep in on its citizens and find out their secrets as a means to pass the time. Bubbie also dislikes bragging, as she believes it can only cause havoc in life.


In FusionFall, she is can be found in the Peach Creek Wilds Infected Zone, where she is currently trapped. She is not interactive, though. There is a Fusion Bubbie in a lair not far from where the real Bubbie is located.

Redo's Version

In Redo's version, she is an NPC. Her location is yet to be determined.


  • It is possible that Bubbie was originally meant to be a form of transportation from one area of the game to another, possibly from Peach Creek Wilds to Leaky Lake (like Whoosh the Mechanical Whale, which transports players from Orchid Bay to the Monkey Foothills), but her character in the Shipwreck infected zone is non-functioning. This may be altered by the programmers later on.
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