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Brasilia is the current capital of Brazil and the seat of the Brazilian government. It is located along the Brazilian Highlands in the country's Central-West region. Its unique urban planning and modernist architecture caused it to be chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


The plan for a new capital of Brazil was originally conceived in 1827 by José Bonifácio, an advisor to Emperor Pedro I. He presented a plan to the General Assembly of Brazil for a new city called Brasília, with the idea of moving the capital westward from the heavily populated southeastern corridor. The bill was not enacted because Pedro I dissolved the Assembly.

Juscelino Kubitschek, President of Brazil from 1956 to 1961, ordered the construction of Brasília, fulfilling the promise of the Constitution and his own political campaign promise. Building Brasília was part of Juscelino's "fifty years of prosperity in five" plan. Lúcio Costa, an architect, won a contest and was the main urban planner in 1957, with 5550 people competing. Oscar Niemeyer, a close friend, was the chief architect of most public buildings and Roberto Burle Marx was the landscape designer. Brasília was built in 41 months, from 1956 to April 21, 1960, when it was officially inaugurated.

There was an old legend that saint Don Bosco in 1883 had a dream in which he described a futuristic city that roughly fitted Brasília's location. In Brasília today, many references of Bosco, who founded the Salesian Order, are found throughout the city and one church parish in the city bears his name.


The city can be accessed by a S.C.A.M.P.E.R. found in Rio De Janeiro or on foot. Caldas Novas, a hot spring resort near Brasilia also has a S.C.A.M.P.E.R that takes the player to the Amazon Rainforest. The Garcia siblings can be seen near the TV Tower, along with a Plumber selling weapons. Enzo Garcia can be seen chasing marmosets that stole his cookies. Argo tells the player that he funds the research on Fuse back in America should the player click on him. In the airport in Brasilia, the player can find the smuggler's plane that he helped Luiz fix back in "Spare parts for the Airplane".

In "Real in Rio", Blu, through the player, contacts Tulio that he needs help concerning a Fusion that chased the birds away from their Amazonian Rainforest home. The player goes into the rainforest and defeats Fusion Blu and obtains his Nano. After the quest, Tulio tells the player that the birds cannot go home until the Amazon Rainforest is cleared of Fusion Matter.

Another quest, "Save the Marmosets" has Ian Garcia send the player to rescue marmosets that have been captured by Robobisomens. After defeating the werewolf-like Fusion monsters, Ian awards the player with the Samba Fruit Hat, claiming that the player can eat the fruit on the hat. Selene cuts in and tells the player that her brother is joking.

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