Vital statistics
Age 15
Series The Powerpuff Girls
Location Orchid Bay
Voiced by Rob Paulsen

Boomer is one of the Rowdyruff Boys, created by Mojo Jojo to be the perfect opponents of the Powerpuff Girls. Boomer is the male equivalent of Bubbles. He was originally disintegrated by the girls' excessive girliness along with the other Rowdyruff Boys, only to be reincarnated by Him in a newer, tougher form. In this form, they are impervious to their earlier weaknesses.

Boomer is the loud-mouthed dimwit of the trio, as opposed to Bubbles' ingenuous sweetness. He is constantly picked on by his brothers, largely because of his naivete (not to call it "stupidity") and the ease with which he becomes distracted. He seems a tiny bit less malicious than his brothers; he is the politest of the trio, and Bubbles has been known to claim that Boomer is cute. Still, he is violent and aggressive, and, unlike Bubbles, is not easily grossed out by "icky stuff" like scabs, snot, and worms. Formerly his hair was in a neat, curved fashion similar to Bubbles' ponytails. After he was reincarnated, his hair became much longer and spikier in a "wings"-style haircut. Boomer's element is "snips" (i.e., snipped off underarm hair) and his signature color is blue.

He is currently dating Roxy Leeblossom.

Fusion Fall

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