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Vital statistics
Species Robot
Series The Amazing World of Gumball
Location Retroville
Voiced by Kerry Shale

Bobert is a robot that comes from Elmore, but later resides in Retroville. At Elmore he was a very unpopular student and despised Gumball.


Bobert is damaged,seemingly beyond repair, within Jimmy Neutron's lab; though he could be repaired otherwise, he requires the specific memory chip programmed for him to function, and therefore cannot be repaired until said memory chip is recovered.  Velma Dinkley has made him her special project, and sends the player to several locations in order to attempt to recover Bobert's lost memory chip.

As Zim reveals in one of his customary rants, he himself has been trying to acquire the said memory chip in order to replace the dysfunctional "brain" in his own robot, GIR. For this purpose, he has spread the rumor that Bobert had been attempting to kill Gumball ― in order to gain the assistance from others (namely Darwin) in order to gain access to the supposedly defective chip "so that he can repair it."

In the New Future, Bobert has been rebuilt and is stationed outside the Candy Bar in Retroville, where he gives out the "System Recovery" mission.


In Gumball's Nano mission, a recording of Bobert's last memory before his destruction states, "Alert, Alert! Extreme threat detected! Green bubbly lifeforms! They're stealing my memory chip! Aw, ma― " This would seem to indicate that Bobert was attacked by Fuse's minions, who seized his memory chip to make a Fusion Bobert.

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