Vital statistics
Real name Tyler Blu Gunderson
Species Spix Macaw
Designation Mission giver
Location Rio De Janeiro
Nano Item Blue feather
Voiced by Jesse Ensenberg
Blu is a Spix macaw who is the protagonist of the movie Rio. He was thought to be the last of his kind by Tulio at first, but later, he meets Jewel and fell in love with her. Eventually, he put aside his fears to truly fly.


He used to live in the Amazon Rainforest until smugglers captured him and brought him to America to be sold to an exotic bird store. His cage fell of the truck and he was found by a young Linda who raised him.

As time passed, Tulio comes to the bookstore and tells them that Blu is the last of his species and that he must mate with the only remaining female for the species to be saved. Blu and Linda are reluctant at first, but agree to do it. This starts Blu's adventures in Rio.

Blu meets Jewel, the last female Spix macaw and falls in love with her. He also meets new friends such as Rafael the toucan, Nico and Pedro, and many more. However, the smugglers kidnap Jewel, and plan to smuggle her out of Brazil via the Carnival. Blu goes to save her, but he too was captured by Nigel. He finds his ability to fly thanks to his love for jewel.

Later, he starts a family with Jewel.


His Fusion counterpart chased his family and the other birds from the Amazon. After the player defeats Fusion Blu, he tells Tulio that it is defeated. However, the birds cannot go back to the Amazon until it is clean of Fusion Matter.

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