Fusion Fall Bloo
Vital statistics
Real name Blooregard Q. Kazoo
Species Imaginary
Series Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Location Kingdom Valley
Nano Item Juicebox
Voiced by Keith Ferguson

Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo, is an imaginary friend created by Mac and is one of the main characters at Foster's. He loves to cause problems and is really a prankster at heart,  but he is basically a good guy deep down. He turns to his friends a lot for help. He also gets annoyed by the simplest of things and loves to play with a paddleball despite the fact that he's no good at it. He is extremely lazy, sending the player to get things for him, and saying he is too tired to help. He and Mac are really close friends and it's their friendship that kept Bloo from being adopted at Foster's so long as Mac keeps visiting Bloo.


The Future

In FusionFall, Bloo is one of the figures who had a holographic display in the future Sector V, despite the fact that he's neither a guide nor probably ever did anything heroic enough to be up alongside Mojo JojoDexterBen and Edd. It could be that since Imaginary Energy is effective against Fuse, he was put there to emphasize its effectiveness against Fuse.

The Past

In the past, he can be found near the City Point Infected Zone in the Downtown section of the world. He is framed for causing the rides in the amusement park to malfunction. However, playing on in the mission reveals that Bloo was tricked by Fusion Ace into doing it. He also helps his friends at Foster's in flushing out his Fusion self with the Toiletnator's "Plunger of Doom" in one mission. Bloo also acts as a mission handler for players following Edd as a guide. Despite being the Fusion of an imaginary friend, it's unsure if Fusion Bloo was affected by imaginary energy like the Fusions of Eduardo and Coco. Fusion Bloo is gas a form notably at variance from the real Bloo, being significantly bigger and having a jagged mouth. Bloo is one of those characters who abuse the fact that people help them, and sends the hero to get things like fried dough or a juice box (though the juicebox does at least help to make a Nano). He has a set based on him that can be obtained from Edd's guide missions.

When the player gets a mission from Mac "My Bloo Cheese", Bloo and Cheese have gone missing. The player finds that Bloo has gone to Kingdom Valley, due to a fight Mac had with him. Bloo says he'll return when he is ready, and Mac says that would be best. Cheese is with Jet the Hawk.


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