Princess of Flames
Vital statistics
Real name Blaze The Cat
Alias Sol Emerald Protector
Age 14
Species Cat
Series Sonic The Hedgehog
Location Kingdom Valley
Nano Item Blaze Doll
Voiced by Laura Bailey

Blaze The Cat is a cat from the Sonic The Hedgehog series of videogames.


Blaze can be found at Kingdom Valley, standing with Silver the Hedgehog. Her Nano can be obtained in one of Silver's two Nano missions (her own and Blaze's).

Bloo is great friends with Silver and Blaze.

Blaze is Silver's girlfriend.

In Kingdom Valley, Silver and Blaze both reside at the same castle. Rouge the Bat, Luke Cage, Professor Dick, and Yogurt Rabbit reside there, and protect the area.

Blaze gives the mission "Doesn't Get Weirder Than Shadow," which is Shadow's Nano Mission.

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