Vital statistics
Real name William
Age 14
Species 1/2 Human 1/2 Fusion

Later - Human (completely)

Designation Mission Giver
Location Mount Blackhead/Mystery Incorporated Clubhouse
Nano Item Golden Blindfold
Voiced by User:Fusionwilliam


William was signed up by Dexter to go to the Future and stop Fuse. Of course, Dee Dee went along and pushed a button that sent William into the Future. His code name there is "Blaze."

Many Cartoon Network characters are dead, unfortunately. Blaze obtained the Nanos needed to stop any [Fusion in his path. Unknowingly, he got infected by a Fusion, but he does know that something bad will happen to him in the future - present (confusing how time travel works!). He arrived at Mount Blackhead to help the CN characters -- Mac, for example.

Eventually he grew so infected that he became a Fusion of himself. Fusion Blaze made a Fusion Lair in Mount Blackhead underground. He was killed there by another of Dexter's agents. Thereafter, someone went to Negative City to obtain the DNA of Evil William (who created Negative City). The weird thing was about this place is that it has no Fusions: The evil CN characters there were not Fusions, just evil counterparts, like Evil Ben (Evil Ben has Albedo textures).

Once William's DNA had been obtained, it was given to Dexter to make a clone, and Dexter asked Grim to return William's soul and implant it into the cloned body. Now William is fully Human again and has a Golden Blindfold. His new location is the Mystery Incorporated Clubhouse.


  • Blaze's Nano self doesn't have a Blind Fold.
  • It is unknown what Blaze is in Mystery Incorporated Clubhouse but to be safe Fusionwilliam put him there.
  • Evil William doesn't have a Blind Fold that is possibly how the Nano doesn't have a Blind Fold.


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