Bill Dewey
Bill Dewey
Vital statistics
Real name Bill Dewey
Alias Mayor Dewey
Species Human
Series Steven Universe
Location City Hall
Nano Item Megaphone
Voiced by Joel Hodgson
Bill Dewey, also known as Mayor Dewey, is a recurring character in Steven Universe, who made his debut in "Cat Fingers". He is the mayor of Beach City and the father of Buck Dewey.


Bill Dewey displays some of the common stereotypes of politicians: he believes his position entitles him to certain privileges, he's overly concerned about money, he's distinguished in public but lacks confidence in private (especially when put under any pressure), etc.

He likes to pretend that he has more importance, influence, and control over Beach City than he really does. It is also implied that Bill has made some less than legal choices during his career as mayor.

He refers to the town as "a magnet for disaster", which is a fair assessment as the local is often the target of unnatural phenomena such as dangerous Corrupted Gemsdestructive machines from space, and other disasters like the recession of the ocean or the falling debris from the Gem Warship.

He's slightly incompetent at his job of managing the city (he pitifully tries to refill the ocean with a watering hose when it recedes), so he employs a "bread and circuses" political tactic to keep himself in the town's good favor.

He believes it's his job to keep the citizens feeling calm and secure, so he often sets up various diversions and attractions such as the world's largest bowl of ice-cream ("Joking Victim"), a Summer Season welcoming speech ("Mirror Gem"), a New Year's Eve fireworks show ("Maximum Capacity"), and a statue of himself.


In FusionFall, he is actually away from Beach City. He can be found by Mayor and Bubbles at City Hall. His reasoning for leaving his citizens in the crisis of the invasion is that he has decided to meet with his fellow politician (The Mayor of Townsville) to discuss their political actions to take during the invasion and how to keep his town calm. Both also quickly become good friends over things such as their careers and slight incompetence. 

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