Batman Beyond
Batman Beyond
Vital statistics
Real name Terry McGinnis
Age 17
Species Human
Series Batman Beyond
Location The Future
Voiced by Will Friedle
When Terry McGinnis's father was killed Terry had avenged his father by dealing with the man who killed him, Derek Powers/Blight. Ironically, he created his own "Joker" as well by receiving training and mentoring from the aged and retired Bruce Wayne, thus becoming a new "Batman" for Neo-Gotham City, Batman Beyond.

The Future

Terry McGinnis is the last surviving member of the Justice League Unlimited in the Future. He has taken the only remaining member of the KND, Numbuh 5 (aka Abigail Lincoln) and trained her as his very own sidekick. She chose the name Sparrow in honor of her old KND and TND (Teens Next Door) days.

The Past

When Terry was sent back in time (about the same time as the player character), he was sent directly to the Watchtower by the future version of Teen Titan Cyborg, who then decided to call himself Grid, as he was unable to endure the pain of the Teen Titans's fall (especially Beast Boy's). When Bruce Wayne interrogated the young man about the circumstances that had caused him to give up crime-fighting, he refused to accept Grid's decision and expressed no sympathy for his loss.

Nano Mission: Neo Gotham's Dark Guardian

Researchers at DexLabs soon found out that, during the time Terry had teleported to the Past, Lord Fuse had become able to develop Fusions derived from "personality material" emitted as a result of any temporal movement. Fuse had thus created a Fusion of Batman Beyond called Fusion Beyond. Terry soon found out he had a future Batarang stolen by a Fusion monster accessing his temporal matrix. When Terry gives players his Nano mission, the mission he sends them to the only place he would expect a dark version of himself to be: Titans Tower on City Island.

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