Vital statistics
Real name Barbara Gordon
Alias Batgirl
Age 18
Species Human
Designation Mission Giver
Series Young Justice
Location Destroyer Dome
Nano Item Cape
Voiced by Alyson Stoner
Batgirl (real name Barbara Gordon) is a member of the Young Justice Team. She is also the daughter of Gotham City Police Commissioner James Gordon.


Batgirl walked to the Destroyer Dome when she was lost. She missed her boyfriend, but heard that he was at Titans Tower. Nightwing said he knows where Beast Boy is.

The Way of the Bat

Batgirl is the player's main teacher in the "Way of the Bat." She will give the player missions with which to get the armor of the Bat Family, as well as to learn the Family's backstory. In FusionFall she will give players information as to where to find Batman and the Justice League.

Nano Mission

Dex Labs require her cape to make a Batgirl Nano, but the Nano machine is currently non-functional. The player will have to repair it, then battle the Fusion Beys in the Destroyer Dome, finally defeating Fusion Batgirl herself to gain her Nano.

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