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One of the Nine Worlds of Norse mythology and home to the Aesir, including Thor, Asgard is a location that shows up in old Norse texts and sagas. It consists of places such as Valhalla, and is destined to be destroyed during Ragnarok and restored again.


Unlike the Earth (called Midgard by the Aesir), which is spherical, Asgard is a flat and floating landmass in space. It may not have an axis or rotate around the Sun like Earth, but it has intervals of night and day like Earth does. Some parts of it are in perpetual summer while others are in perpetual winter. It's possible that Asgard's gravity radiates somewhere below it (assuming that gravity works the same way there as it does on Earth). Some unknown force prevents Asgard's edges from eroding, its waters along Asgard's boundaries from pouring into the void and Asgard's atmosphere from escaping. It is connected to Earth via one of the roots of the world tree Yggdrasil that grows in Asgard and a rainbow bridge.

Places of Interest

  • City of Asgard - The capital of the realm with which it shares the name.
    • Hlidskjalf - Odin's throne room
  • Valhalla - home of the honoured dead
  • Bifrost - the rainbow bridge connecting Asgard to Earth
  • Folkvangr - Freya's residence, full of rich flora and fauna
  • Himinbjorg - Found at Asgard's edge, it is Heimdall's home where he guards Bifrost
  • Bilskirnir - Thor's residence


Age of Myth

According to the myths told by the ancients (specifically Germanic and Scandinavians), when the Aesir arrived at Asgard, they saw it fit to build their palaces there. But knowing that their new home was vulnerable to invaders, they wanted to build a capital city there to defend it.

A mysterious builder once arrived at Asgard on his stallion, Svadilfari. He made a deal with the Aesir: he gets to build a wall around the capital city in three winters, higher and stronger than any wall on Earth, and in return, he will get the sun, moon and marriage with Freya. Despite her protests, the gods debated among themselves until Loki the trickster suggests that the gods agree to the builder's requests, but set demands so strict that he would fail. One was that he complete the wall in just one winter with the help of no man, and if any part was left unfinished by summer, he would not have his payment. The mysterious builder agreed to the request. The Aesir then promised not to harm the builder.

In the morning and night, the stranger and Svadilfari built the wall at such an astonishing speed that the gods grew fearful, for both of them are stronger than mere man and horse. As soon as the mysterious builder was nearly at the entrance to the wall, the gods gathered and decided to blame Loki. Loki promises to make the builder forfeit his payment by whatever means. At night, just when the builder drove out to fetch the final load of stones with his horse, a mare (Umm...Loki in disguise) appears from the woods, distracting Svaldifari who then ran after her. The builder gives chase and the building of the wall around Asgard was thus delayed, preventing him from fulfilling the requirements.

Eventually, the Aesir realized that the builder is actually a mountain giant. They disregarded their oaths and called for Thor, who gave the giant his 'payment': death by the blow of his hammer Mjolnir. Several months later, Loki returned with an eight-legged foal that Odin would name Sleipnir, and ride as his mount.

Present Day, Pre-FusionFall

At one point, Thor was called to Asgard by Heimdall, who tells him that the Frost Giants were attacking. As the Odinsleep is almost upon Odin, Thor's father, he needs warriors to stop them. Thor fights with the Frost Giants only to be betrayed by Loki. Loki was actually planning to overthrow Odin, who is also his father with the Frost Giants. After Loki was defeated and banished, Thor returns to Earth, for to him, it's where he is needed the most.

However, Loki escaped his prison, conquered Asgard, captured Thor, and set his sights on Earth. Thor's teammates, the Avengers arrived there and fought with Loki. After the trickster god was defeated again, Odin awakened and sent him to the Midgard Serpent. Thor showed gratitude towards his friends since they rescued him and Odin also gave his gratitude to them and all the Asgardians praised and cheered the heroes. Thor stayed at Asgard to rebuild it and secure it from evil, and eventually returns to Earth again.


In the World Tour expansion, the player can head to Norway, where he receives the main mission "Ragnarok" from Thor. Simply put, Lord Fuse, envious of Asgard's resources, fortifications and Odin's powers, plots to invade the realm and overthrow Odin. All the player has to do is to activate the realm's magical defences, destroy the Fusions attempting to topple Yggdrasil and defeat a Fusion Thor, obtaining his Nano.


Asgard has made several appearances in numerous media like other mythical places, such as famously the Marvel universe.