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Annoying Orange
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Vital statistics
Real name Orange
Alias Annoying Orange
Species Orange
Designation Mission Giver
Series Annoying Orange
Location Gravity Falls
Voiced by Dane Boedigheimer

Orange is a main character in all of The Annoying Orange shorts, as well as the show's protagonist. Orange has made full appearances in every episode since the start of the series on October 9, 2009, which is also his birthday. Orange has yellow teeth, grey eyes, and a braying laugh. Episodes are characterized by his taunting and annoying his victims-to-be with his adolescent behavior that frequently includes burping, pestering, puns, and plays-on-words. 


Orange was bought by Grunkle Stan right after Fuse attacked, and taken to Gravity Falls. When Stan discovered the orange could talk, he shoved him into the fridge and hasn't removed him since.


  • Orange is not actually seen, but players can hear him inside the fridge.
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