The Angry Birds Team
The Team
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Location Castle of Death
The Angry Birds Team is a group of super heroic birds that protect the human and bird races from evil pigs.


One day, the birds were on Piggy Island taking care of the Eggs when a mechanical claw came out of a wormhole and steals the bird's eggs and an Eggsteroid that landed on their nesting grounds. The flock followed the mechanical claw to outer space and gained superpowers from passing through the wormhole. In space, they meet the Ice Bird, hoping that he will help them get home. But Ice Bird is only concerned about saving his world from the Space Pigs and getting back the Eggsteroid. From there, they have many exciting adventures in space.


The flock landed on the Castle of Death sometime after Lord Fuse's armies invaded Piggy Island. The birds give the player a Nano mission, "Furious Flight at the Fusion Frontier" that requires them to retrieve the Eggsteroid by defeating the Fusion versions of the Flock whose Fusion Lairs are in the castle's basement. After the Fusions are defeated, the player acquires Nanos of the birds. Ice Bird suspects that Lord Fuse has plans on using the Eggsteroids as a gateway for his army to conquer other planets, having seen Fusion monsters pour out of wormholes on various locations on the way to the Castle of Death and since the unusual egg-like objects can produce wormholes.

The world mission "Galaxy Wings" is available on level 50. The player delivers a letter on behalf of the Angry Birds Team to Matilda, Hal, Stella and at Piggy Island as the birds were concerned about their eggs. Matilda and Stella then send the player to deliver another letter to the birds, advising them to consult Dexter about the Eggsteroids while telling them that the eggs are fine. The items obtained are the Space Egg, Matilda's Egg Bombs or the Slingshot.

Team Members

  • The Incredible Terence - Has incredible strength and can destroy anything that blocks its path.
  • Fire Bomb Bird - It explodes to make countless fire balls to destroy a thing and then recovers.
  • Laser Bird - It goes faster and shoots lasers at the enemy.
  • Super Red Bird - It uses super human strength to destroy enemies.
  • Ice Bird - Whenever it hits a thing it freezes.
  • The Blues - Goes very fast and shoots in to three.
  • Orange Bird - can turn into a giant inflatable "balloon"
  • The Egg - an egg that can summon portals
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