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If you are reading this, my hope is that you will use the knowledge contained therein to stop Fuse from conquering the universe.

–Excerpt from the first Ancient Codex found in Rio De Janeiro

There are several Ancient Codices scattered around the world in the "World Tour" expansion of FusionFall. These codices reveal the true story of the origins of Fuse and Planet Fusion. It has been claimed by certain archaeologists that these texts were written by the first Dragon Guardians; however, no one can know for sure, unless the player finds them.


Back then, Planet Fusion used to be an insignificant planet in a forgotten part of the galaxy. It rose to prominence, but not in a good way. Here's how it happened...

–Excerpt from On the Origins of Fusion, the first chapter of the Ancient Codex found in Rio

First Codex: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Obtained from the mission, "Real in Rio" and "Spare Parts from the Airplane", it tells of the earliest origins of Planet Fusion and Fuse, its ruler.

Second Codex: Teōtīhuacān, Mexico

Obtained from the mission, "End of the World", it tells of the development of civilization in Planet Fusion, and of Fuse's journey across the cosmos to seek masters to teach him on how to improve his kingdom.

Third Codex: Antananarivo, Madagascar

Obtained from the mission, "I like to Move It, Move It", it tells of Fuse's meetings with the first Dragon Guardians and his journey to Ninjatana City

Fourth Codex: Giza, Egypt

Obtained from the mission, "Curse of the Mummy", it tells of Fuse's deeds that got the Dragon Guardians to rank him a Genius Loci, a protector of his planet.

Fifth Codex: Lissateeaun, Ireland

Obtained from the Mission, "At the End of the Rainbow " , it tells of the seeds of Fuse's descent to evil: He grew proud, discontent with his position. He decided that he will conquer the universe to bring order to it.

Sixth Codex: Rome, Italy

Obtained from the Mission, "Veni, Vidi, Vici", it tells of how he built up his armies at Planet Fusion for the conquest of the universe, and his deception.

Seventh Codex: Pingyao, China

Obtained from the mission, "Secret of the Dragon Guardians ", it tells of how Fuse conquered and waged war against the lesser planets, with details on Planet Fusion's culture.

Eighth Codex: Himeji, Japan

Obtained from the mission, "Way of the Warriors ", it tells of Fuse's rule of the planets he conquered, and his first war against the Dragon Guardians.

Ninth Codex: Singapore

Obtained from the mission, "Rampage in the Lion City " it tells of the battles between those loyal to Fuse, and the Dragon Guardian's students.

Tenth Codex: Lemmenjoki River, Finland

Obtained from the mission, "On Finn Ice ", it tells of the Dragon Guardian's journeys to recruit allies and Fuse's continuing military research.

Eleventh Codex: Oslo, Norway

Obtained from the mission, "Ragnarok", it tells of the origin of the Dimensional Sealing Formation that the First Dragon Guardians developed with their allies.

Twelveth Codex: Birnin Zana, Wakanda

Obtained from the mission, "Long Live the King", it tells of the sealing away of Planet Fusion in their own galaxy by the first Dragon Guardians and their allies.

Thirteenth Codex: Varanasi, India

Obtained from the mission, "Revolution in Benares", it tells of the first Dragon Guardians choosing their successors, and how their students arrived to Earth to fortify its defenses against Planet Fusion.