There are several Ancient Codices scattered around the world in the "World Tour" expansion of FusionFall. These codices reveal the true story of the origins of Fuse and Planet Fusion. It has been claimed by certain archaeologists that these texts were written by the first Dragon Guardians; however, no one can know for sure, unless the player finds them.


Rio De Janeiro, Brazil ("Real in Rio ")

Teōtīhuacān, Mexico ("End of the World ")

Antananarivo, Madagascar ("I like to Move It, Move It")

Giza, Egypt ("Curse of the Mummy")

Lissateeaun, Ireland ("At the End of the Rainbow ")

Rome, Italy ("Veni, Vidi, Vici")

Pingyao, China ("Secret of the Dragon Guardians ")

Himeji, Japan ("Way of the Warriors ")

Singapore ("Rampage in the Lion City ")

Lemmenjoki River, Finland ("On Finn Ice ")

Oslo, Norway ("Ragnarok")

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