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Anais Watterson
Vital statistics
Real name Anais Watterson
Age 4
Species Rabbit
Designation Mission Giver
Series The Amazing World of Gumball
Location Elmore
Nano Item Stuffed Rabbit

Anais Watterson is one of the main characters from the show The Amazing World of Gumball. Anais is the youngest and most intelligent member of the Watterson family. Despite being only four-years-old, she attends Elmore Junior High with her older brothers, Gumball and Darwin.

Fusion Fall

Anais is currently trying to learn more about Planet Fusion and Fuse himself. The player can find her in the Elmore Junior High School.

A Weapon for a Ghost

To complete this mission, the player must first run three errands for the Dragonborn and three for Anais. Anais will ask the player to go to the Dragonborn to get her a package; however, the Dragonborn says that he is still protecting Whiterun from Fusions, and can't get the item he needs to send Anais. He sends the hero to Solstheim to find Jacob BraveHeart in the Skaal Village. BraveHeart explains that what the DragonBorn wants is Stalrim, a rare and strong material that can be used to create powerful armor and weapons. Unfortunately, it isn't acquired cheaply. After BraveHeart tells the Player four sources of Stalrim, the player must defeat the Fusions guarding them.  After getting the Stalrim, delivers it to the Dragonborn, who then asks the player to deliver it to Anais for him.  Once that is done, Anais thanks the Player and offers to provide the player a Stalrim Weapon — either a Stalrim Rifle or a Stalrim Warhammer — and some Fusion Matter as well.