What — me worry?

–Alfred E. Neuman

Alfred E. Neuman
Vital statistics
Real name Alfred E. Neuman
Alias The New Boy, Mel Haney
Age  ???
Species Human
Series MAD
Location Cartoon Cape
Nano Item Tooth
Alfred E. Neuman has been the mascot of the MAD cartoon since its première in 2010. nearly sixty years after his first appearance in the November 1954 edition of its parent humor magazine. Yet Alfred, like the gods, is immortal and ageless; some claim to have seen him as long ago as 1894, and, in any case, he still appears the same freckle-faced, jug-eared, cock-eyed, gap-toothed teenaged half-wit he has been since the Eisenhower administration, delivering the same profound wisdom: "What? Me worry?"


When Fuse arrived, Alfred started demonstrating the power of transforming into anything currently in his sight. Alfred pranked everyone in the new world; soon the good people of the Cartoon Network universe, already on edge due to the Fusion invasion, were fed up with his puerile antics. Fortunately, Dexter convinced Alfred to go to Cartoon Cape and "prank" Fusions in that area, by informing him that his "girlfriend," Moxie Cowznofski, was awaiting him there.


  • Alfred's signature phrase, "What, me worry?" has appeared with varying punctuation in MAD magazine since Issue #24.
  • Alfred's shape-changing ability has been amply demonstrated in the past. He has taken the places of such diverse figures as Bart Simpson, Batman, Darth Vader, Dr. Octopus, Finn the Human, Gollum, Harry Potter, the Headless Horseman, Indiana Jones, Jabba the Hutt, King Kong, Mr. Spock, Robin Hood, Robin the Boy Wonder, Rorschach, Santa Claus, Spider-Man, SpongeBob SquarePants, Shrek, Uncle Sam, and Wolverine; however, in all those cases, his unique visage could be descried through his disguise.
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