Alan Keane
Alan S2
Vital statistics
Age 12
Species Anthropomorphic balloon
Series The Amazing World of Gumball
Location Elmore Mall
Nano Item Balloon string
Voiced by Hugo Harold-Harrison

Alan Keane is an anthropomorphic balloon who attends Elmore Junior High. He is the boyfriend of Carmen.


Alan is considered to be "perfect" - he has got good looks, friendly demeanor, and a nice attitude. He has a high-pitched voice, mainly because he is filled with helium. Alan sacrifices himself selflessly in the need of other people and seems to always have the positive outlook on things regardless of how negative they might appear to other people. Even though many people congratulate Alan on his deeds, almost everyone at Elmore Junior High is disgusted by his relationship with Carmen.

Alan's do-gooder personality annoys Gumball so much that in "The Saint," Gumball sets out to prove Alan has a dark side by any means necessary; true to his record of selflessness, Alan eventually pretends to be extremely annoyed by squeaking footsteps simply to appease Gumball.


In FusionFall, Alan resides next to Carmen in the Elmore Mall, both offering each other comfort throughout the invasion. He naturally feels obligated to help out during the invasion. He constantly sends the player on missions to various areas of the world, asking heroes how they are doing and if there's anything that they could use help with. Alan's persistence and pureness becomes sickening to many of the other heroes fighting off the invasion, but the villains are more disgusted. He lends an extra balloon string towards the Nano Enhancement Project.

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