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I'm Aku's partner in crime! Just don't tell my mom.
Aku Jr
Vital statistics
Real name Jamie
Alias Aku Jr
Age 9
Species Human
Designation Mission Giver
Location Forsaken Valley

Aku Jr is an Aku fanboy who lived in Pokey Oaks. He dresses as Aku and always has his Aku Nano out.

Aku Jr is your typical annoying child. Whenever someone mentions Aku , he will freak out and start to tell you all about him. He wears an Aku Halloween costume and claims that Aku is his hero, and that the two will join forces one day. His mother tells his friends that he's never even met Aku, which is true, but Aku Jr refuses to accept that fact.

Fusion Fall

Aku Jr ran away from home when Fuse attack to go find Aku. He got all the way to the Forsaken Valley before being stopped. Samurai Jack stopped him and contacted his mother, telling her that he is safe and can stay here as long as he behaves. Aku Jr now stays on Mandark's Airship, usually annoying the Dexbots and players that come through the area. Every once in a while, Jack punishes him by making him clean the Airship.


  • Aku Jr tries to act just like his idol, yet he apologizes after every attempt to act evil.
  • Aku Jr has never actually met Aku.
  • Even though Aku and Jack are enemies, Aku Jr likes Jack.