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Long a time ago on a distant land...I Aku, the shapeshifting master of darkness; Unleashed an UNSPEAKABLE EVIL! But a foolish samurai warrior weilding a magic sword, stept forth to opposse me... Before the final blow was struck, I tore open a portal in time and sent him to the future, where my evil is Lord! Now the fool seeks to return to the past and undo the future that is Aku!

Vital statistics
Series Samurai Jack (series)
Location Dark Glade
Nano Item Tooth
Voiced by Mako Iwamatsu

Aku is the main antagonist in the cartoon Samurai Jack. He is also known as the "Master of Masters," "The Deliverer of Darkness," and the "Shogun of Sorrow."

Aku constantly antagonizes Jack, often attacking him when he is weak, and other times defending himself from Jack own gambits. The two seem doomed never to defeat each other, for though Jack has bested him on numerous occasions, Aku merely transforms into a creature and escapes, usually calling out a taunt over his shoulder, a fact that he is entirely aware of and even makes a reference to in episode XLVIII.


Aku is a great help on the war against Fuse, but stands by the the sidelines saying that "Things are more interesting when you're not a god."


  • While he's usually presented as a serious and threatening foe, Aku is also a source of comedy in the show, due to his outrageous design and sometimes wise-guy behavior, supported by Mako's over the top voice-acting.
  • Aku has a crazied fanboy who nicknamed himself Aku Jr. Despite being Aku's number one fan, he has never actually met Aku.
  • "Aku" means "evil" in Japanese.