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Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka-tano-galaxy-of-adventures-clone-wars.png w=300&h=225&
Vital statistics
Real name Ahsoka Tano
Alias Snips
Age 14-16 (The Clone Wars)
Early-to-late 30s (Rebels)
Species Togruta
Designation Mission Giver
Series Star Wars
Location Murky Woods
Voiced by Ashley Eckstein
He's just another tinnie, boys. Let's scrap him like the rest.

Ahsoka Tano was the Padawan of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker. After the events of FusionFall, Ahsoka left the Jedi order, having lost faith in the order.



When the Jedi arrived in the FusionFall universe, Ahsoka Tano was dropped into Murky Woods. She is currently stuck there until Dexter finds a way to help heroes escape from the vortex that keeps characters trapped there.

Ahsoka's Nano Mission

Ahsoka during the first year of The Clone Wars

In the middle of the war, after Dexter has developed a method to deactivate the vortex (which the player implements in the "Don't Mess With Vortexes" mission), he sends a Clone Gunship to pick up all the heroes. However, the gunship doesn't arrive. Ahsoka asks the hero to investigate. The hero discovers that the gunship was taken to Fusion Ahsoka's lair. The hero follows the Fusion to the Lair undetected, and defeats the Fusion. Thus, he receives the Ahsoka Nano. The gunship is then repaired and the heroes escape.

After escaping the woods, Ahsoka can be found at Genius Grove. If the player speaks to her, she says that The Savage Land and Danny Dynamite were unfortunately destroyed by the Trade Federation when they appeared in the FusionFall Adventure Dimensional Stranger Danger!

Dexter decided to allow the Droids to stay in the universe for now, and destroys his dimension invention (at Ahsoka's recommendation). He believes that if he allows the droids to leave, the Star Wars universe will be in chaos.