Agent Six
Agent Six
Vital statistics
Species Human
Series Generator Rex
Location Townsville Center
Voiced by Wally Kurth
It's Six, and I don't use guns.

–Agent Six

Agent Six is the Head Agent in charge of keeping an eye on Rex and Bobo Haha in the show Generator Rex. He is an agent for Providence, a government agency that fights E.V.O.s..


In FusionFall, players can find Agent Six in Townsville Center in the sunken mall directly next to a Providence Jump
FusionFall Six Bobo

The FusionFall concept art for Six and Bobo Haha

Jet (the Jet has no purpose as of now, though it is possible Jump Jets may become a form of transportation like the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.s). He is giving out the level 15 mission "Off the Grid, Again!" in which the player goes to look for Rex and Bobo Haha. He sometimes wonders if Dr. Holiday has found Rex's signal. Because of the recent disturbance of Rex's nanites, Six has grounded Rex. Six was likely killed in the Future, inasmuch as he is not stopping Rex's endless joyride through Pokey Oaks.

Relationships With Other Characters

  • Rex: Agent Six gives missions dealing with finding Rex and Bobo Haha, and he tells the player that Rex was grounded by him.
  • Bobo Haha: Agent Six gives missions dealing with finding Rex and Bobo Haha. He mentions that the tracker previously in Bobo's diaper (simian undergarment, if you were to ask Bobo himself) is missing.
  • Princess: Princess can be found in Townsville Center, where Agent Six is stationed. He has had little interaction with her, which he is happy to continue doing.


  • His glasses are possible to acquire in the sewers, and they look similar to Numbuh One's shades.
  • According to the show in which he appears, he's the sixth most deadliest/dangerous person of the world, but this is likely for the world of Generator Rex alone.
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