Agent Honeydew
Dexter's Lab - Dial M For Monkey - Agent Honeydew
Vital statistics
Species Human
Series Dexter's Laboratory
Location Fort Forte
Voiced by Kath Soucie

Agent Honeydew is an operative of Global Security and the best friend of Dexter's secretly super-heroic laboratory specimen, Monkey, in the "Dial M For Monkey" segments of Dexter's Laboratory.  Honeydew has a telepathic link with the simian superhero, and can summon him when events threaten the world with chaos.  (It is not certain whether Honeydew can communicate with anyone other than Monkey.)  Besides her connection to Monkey, Agent Honeydew is herself a valued operative of Global Security, a skilled fighter who knows how to handle weapons.  She and Monkey seem to be intimate friends, perhaps even romantic partners.


Agent Honeydew rather resembles 1920's film star Louise Brooks, having pale skin, large, mascaraed eyes, bright red "bee-stung" lips, and black hair in a bob cut with spit curls.  She wears an ultramarine blue Global Security jumpsuit, with a pistol in a side holster.


Agent Honeydew at Fort Forte

Agent Honeydew guarding the Armory at Fort Forte

Honeydew has been assisting in fighting against Fuse and his legions on the Mainland for a while, before being assigned to Fort Forte. Her partner, Monkey, was given a mini-vacation for his hard work, but Honeydew revoked hers because she wanted to protect the fort. She currently hands out missions at Fort Forte, and does her best to keep Brick and Numbuh 60 in line. She is in charge of protecting the armory of the fort.
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