FlapjackA Holiday Mission Mission 'Tis the Season
Level 12
Difficulty Hard
Character Flapjack
Place Leakey Lake-The Wilds
Cheer Fuzzy Lumkins up.
My Notes
I got Fuzzy Lumkins parts for a new banjo. Then I talked to Numbuh Three at the Jungle Outpost.

Mission Offer

'Tis the Season
Happy Holidays, friend! It's a wonderful time to spend with your friends and family. But Fuzzy Lumkins isn't feeling the holiday spirit. Can you go cheer him up?

Mission Details

Step 1
Talk to Fuzzy Lumkins

'Tis the Season
Mr. Lumkins isn't feeling the holiday spirit lately. Those monsters near his house keep causing him trouble. I'd bet the world, you'd be able to cheer him up, friend!

FlapjackA Flapjack
What an Adventure! Helping friends and enjoying the holidays. I think Mr. Lumkins needs to join in on this "Adventure!"

Fuzzy LumkinsA Fuzzy Lumkins
Git offa my propity, ya durn crazy folk. If you want to cheer me up, you'd fine me a new banjo to play. Now git!

Step 2
Defeat Creepy Clawdads

String: 0/1

'Tis the Season
I'd be sad too if some monsters stole my banjo. I got it! We'll just make Mr. Lumkins a new banjo. There was a abandoned supply kit in the camp site over near the monsters. I bet they stole everything inside of it. Well, I guess we're just gonna have to take the supply back to make a new banjo!

FlapjackA Flapjack
Hmmmm. I know! We should make a new banjo for Mr. Lumkins. It'll be the best Christmas present ever. Head over to the Creepy Clawdads to find some string.

Step 3
Defeat Wild Cogfish.

Wood: 0/1

'Tis the Season
Oh joy! You got the string, now ya need some wood for that sleek new banjo. I bet those Wild Cogfish stole some of the supplies too. I'd get it back if I were you.

FlapjackA Flapjack
Nice moves. You're slippery as an eel. Now we need some wood. What's a banjo without wood? I saw some Wild Cogfish snooping around in the supply kit. I'm sure that they must have the wood.

Step 4
Defeat Great Ironjaw.

Glue: 0/1

'Tis the Season
Good job, fellow adventurer. You're good at getting stuff for people, ya know that? Now you'll need glue to hold that baby tight together. Some of those Great Ironjaws might have the glue. Can you go get it?

FlapjackA Flapjack
Some glue should hold that baby together. I know for a fact that those Great Ironjaws have the glue. Go get it, tiger!

Step 5
Deliver items to Fuzzy Lumkins.

String: 1/1

Wood: 1/1

Glue: 1/1

'Tis the Season
Ya did it! I don't know if Mr. Lumkins has been a good boy, but no one deserves not to be happy around Christmas time. Give that stuff to him and I bet he'll go nuts over it.

FlapjackA Flapjack
Good 'ol giving and sharing. You did an adventurous job getting those things. Now head back to Mr. Lumkins with them.

Fuzzy LumkinsA Fuzzy Lumkins
Arr...thank you for these gifts. I can make me a brand new banjo out of 'em. You ain't so bad, kid. Now, git offa my propity, ya city slicker!

Step 6
Go to the Jungle Outpost

'Tis the Season
You've done a great job, my friend. Numbuh Three asked for you up at the Jungle Outpost; you should make your way up there now. It was nice working with ya! Good Bye!

FlapjackA Flapjack
Excellent work! Numbuh Three of the KND wants to see you up in the Jungle Outpost. You should head up there now!

Step 7
Talk to Numbuh Three

Mission Summary

'Tis the Season
My friend Flappy-Jackie received my message then. I need you help. Come see me.

Numbuh ThreeA Numbuh Three
Good work on making Fuzzy Lumkins smile. That hasn't happened in ages. But we got one big problem now! Someone hijacked the KND S.L.E.D. and stole all the Christmas present for the Imaginary Friends at Foster's Home. I could really use your help. For now, though, take these gifts.
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